About Member Requests


The Member Request workflow is now deprecated in favor of using Member Snapshot

Member Requests are a legacy product and are no longer updated. This includes the documentation below. All Member Request endpoints remain live and functional. Connections with Send carriers are not available for customers using member requests.

For documentation on the new flow for sending member changes, see Member Snapshots.

Types of Member Requests

Member requests and member transactions represent the core operations you want to carry out on behalf of members (employees and dependents) at one or many carriers. The following types of member requests are supported by the Noyo platform:

Each member request is attached to an employee, changes you wish to make to dependents are done via a member request attached to the employee. Each member request will contain many member transactions, which represent smaller sub-operations being carried out at a carrier partner. For example, a New Hire Enrollment member request may result in two member transactions: one to add medical coverage at Carrier A, and a second to add dental and vision coverage at Carrier B.