Why Connect a Group?

The first step toward structured data on demand

Without Noyo, it can take weeks of file configuration or manual data entry work to configure a group correctly in your ben-admin system and with each of the carriers they have coverage with. Not to mention a lengthy process of bringing the two systems into line with each other before any enrollments can be sent.

Noyo eliminates this work entirely by fetching group data directly from carrier systems and returning it to you in a standardized, structured format via API.

Connecting a group is the process of telling Noyo how to find a single group in a single carrier's system. Once we have authorization to access that group's data, we load it into our platform, where it becomes available to you.

Group connection prerequisites

  • You need to have already activated the target carrier by building to their individual specifications. The Noyo team can share the specs for any supported carrier on request.
  • The group's coverage application must be finished and approved by the carrier. This generally results in a group number or other identifier being assigned.
  • The group must be installed at the carrier, meaning they are set up in the carrier system with group-level plans and account structure in place. It does not matter if the carrier already has member data; Noyo can support situations where no employees are enrolled yet and their first enrollments pass through our system or the employees are all already enrolled.
  • The carrier must know that your ben-admin platform is associated with the group and has granted Noyo permission to access group data on your behalf.

During the connection process

Once you have submitted a group connection request, Noyo confirms that proper authorization is in place and checks the carrier's system for groups that match the information you submitted. If we successfully find the group, we will pull all available plan and member data into our system and structure it. This is also known as "syncing group data."

If we can't find the group, we don't have authorization, or we run into any other problem, the connection request status will change and we will reach out to your team.

After a group is connected

Once a group connection request's status moves to completed, the group is considered connected to Noyo.

This means we've successfully found the group and pulled all available group-, plan-, and member-level data into our system. Check out our guide on using Group Data to learn how you can put this data to work!

Here's what you can do with a connected group:

  • Seed your system with data from Noyo to speed up group setup/configuration
  • Compare the carrier's records of the group with your own to identify discrepancies
  • Confirm individual coverages and amounts ad-hoc
  • Use Noyo to send enrollment and eligibility changes over API

What’s Next

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