Using Noyo Data

The building blocks you need for your next amazing product

What makes Noyo special is that we are able to read data directly from the Sync carriers in our network. That is, we can get a confirmation and a copy of the member's record back after we have submitted a change.

We source this data from carrier systems using their preferred formats; for some carriers we are connected via APIs, for others we use custom files, and for some it's a mix of both. Then we standardize all these inputs so you get structured data in the same format for every group, regardless of the carrier.

What does our Sync technology do for you? It gives you the building blocks you need to create better experiences for your clients, members, broker partners, and internal teams.

Group, plan, and member data on demand

When a group has been successfully connected to Noyo, all of their group-, plan-, and member-level data becomes available through our APIs. You can use this data to seed your system and build the group's structure if they're a new client.

Many of our customers also use our endpoints to run regular comparisons between their records and the carriers, allowing them to identify potential coverage problems sooner.

To learn more about what data fields are available for connected groups, check out these guides:

Managing enrollments through Noyo

You can easily send member enrollment and eligibility changes through Noyo all year long, eliminating the need for complex file feeds, manual portal work, customized carrier integrations, and complicated OE workflows.

Just build member snapshots into your system to automate enrollment from beginning to end. When you manage enrollment with Noyo, you get:

  • One API experience for all your carriers
  • Changes delivered in minutes, not days
  • Built-in data validation and enforcement of business logic
  • Round-trip confirmation for each change (more on that below)
  • Full visibility into statuses and errors
  • No blackout periods or special workflows during open enrollment
  • Access to the Command Center for your Operations team

Round-trip confirmation

Each time we transmit changes, our system asks the carrier to confirm that the change was made. When we get it, we pass it on to you in each transactions status_detail string. This process is called round-trip confirmation and ensures that every change gets processed as expected.

Statuses are visible in the Command Center, but you may also want to pipe them into your own internal tools to give Operations Specialists an overview of enrollment activity; use them to report out on carrier turnaround times; set up activity monitoring for high-priority groups; or build real-time confirmation into your member-facing products.

Using data from Send carriers

For carriers that are not yet able to support a bidirectional Sync integration, we offer a "Send" connection that's one-way. We'll build and transmit files that conform to the carrier's preferred standards, and you'll still get a unified, seamless API experience for sending enrollments.

The one-way nature of a Send connection means we can't read data back, so our system will not be automatically populated in the ways listed above. Here are a few key differences:

  • Group and plan data comes from the carrier, but we do not pull it in automatically so it may take longer to be available
  • Member data retrieved from Noyo's endpoints will reflect what you submitted with member snapshots and does not necessarily reflect the state of the member in the carrier’s system
  • We are not able to perform round-trip confirmation to confirm changes; instead, the status of each change reflects whether it has been sent to the carrier or not

What’s Next

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