Using Event Reasons

Increase accuracy and carrier processing times

Each member snapshot should include an event block describing any event associated with the requested change. During onboarding, you’ll map your system’s event reasons to Noyo’s list below. This list is also included in the API spec for the member snapshot endpoint.

While events are not explicitly required for every snapshot, it is a best practice to provide them every time. Noyo provides event data to carrier partners wherever possible, and including events with all snapshots will improve the speed and success rate of processing.


Open enrollment events

An open_enrollment reason is highly recommended for any OE changes. Many carriers process open enrollments differently from other changes, and omitting this reason can cause major delays.

For some carrier connections, Noyo does enforce a requirement for event reason; this detail is provided in the technical documentation for each individual carrier.

Most event reasons can be sent with any valid snapshot payload. The only exception is termination events, where Noyo requires that an employment termination date is also included in the snapshot.

If multiple event reasons could be associated with a single snapshot, select the single most relevant event (such as open_enrollment). This will rarely impact processing.

See the API reference for full technical details of event payloads.

Available event reasons

  • adoption
  • benefit_class_change
  • change_to_part_time
  • change_to_full_time
  • cobra_enrollment
  • cobra_termination
  • court_order
  • death
  • demographic_change
  • dependent_open_enrollment
  • disability_status_change
  • divorce
  • eligibility_change
  • foster_care
  • immigration_status_change
  • leave_status_change
  • legal_guardian
  • lost_coverage
  • marriage
  • medicare
  • moved
  • newborn
  • new_hire
  • offline_change
  • open_enrollment
  • rate_changed
  • rehire
  • reinstatement
  • retirement
  • termination

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