Getting Member Requests


The Member Request workflow is now deprecated in favor of Member Snapshot

Once a Member Request has been submitted, it's possible to retrieve relevant data and track its progress via our GET endpoints. Each response from Noyo will include details of the request(s), including their status.

Member Request Statuses

The following are possible member request statuses that you might receive when fetching member request(s) from the API.

processingWe are communicating the member request changes to the carrier(s) involved.
completedA request is completed after all transactions with all carriers have been processed. This may take seconds or longer, depending on the carrier and request type. The results of the member request have been reflected in the carrier system at this point.
failedRequests will only move to the failed status if for an unexpected reason we were unable to fulfill at the carrier. You should expect very few member requests to transition into this status.
canceledRequests will be moved to the canceled status if a subsequent member request supersedes it.

As far as state transitions, expect the progression to be linear, from processing to either completed, failed, or canceled. Once in completed, failed, or canceled a member request will not move back to processing. The proper response from a failed member request, if not desired, would be to recreate the attempted changes in a new member request.

Get Single Member Request

Returns the latest version of a single member request based on the ID provided.
Get Single Member Request

For more information about the body and result fields check out the request-specific documentation.

Get Member Requests for Employee

Returns a list of all member requests for a given employee. Each member request may have one or more associated member transactions.
Get Member Requests For Employee

Get All Member Requests

Returns a list of all member requests for a given organization. Each member request may have one or more associated member transactions.
Get All Member Requests

Filtering Member Requests

Code Sample

curl -X GET
 --header "Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>"

Example Response

    "meta": {
        "offset": 0,
        "page_num": 1,
        "page_size": 20,
        "total_records": 1
    "response": [
            "id": "4f57e463-f4d5-4255-83d4-806b0cabaac5",
            "employee_id": "30b74a44-d5b1-4123-a7a4-6d3aec251ba4",
            "request_type": "new_hire",
            "status": "processing",
            "transactions": [
            "body": {
                "coverages": [
                        "carrier_config": {
                            "bill_group": "1000001",
                            "member_group": "99999"
                        "carrier_id": "d0003042-eaae-4491-b219-4825456a3d16",
                        "lines_of_coverage": {
                            "dental": {
                                "waiving_members": [
                                        "id": "f471a562-fa8f-41c9-93fd-12b372e16c72",
                                        "member_type": "employee",
                                        "reason": "other-spouse-group"

For cases where you would like to filter the Member Requests for you organization, you can do so by passing in one or more of the filters below into the query string.

employee_iduuidUnique identifier of the employee in Noyo to be filtered on
group_iduuidUnique identifier of the group in Noyo to be filtered on
statusstringStatus of the member request to be filtered on. One of: canceled, completed, failed, processing
request_typestringMember request type to be filtered on. One of: cobra_enrollment, cobra_open_enrollment, cobra_qualifying_life_event, cobra_termination, demographic, enrollment_snapshot, new_hire, open_enrollment, qualifying_life_event, termination