Member Transactions

Each snapshot request may contain multiple member transactions, which represent smaller sub-operations being carried out at carrier partners. For example, a single snapshot request that enrolls a new hire may result in two member transactions: one to add medical coverage at Carrier A, and a second to add dental and vision coverage at Carrier B.

In most cases, it's best to track the status of a member snapshot, which is a combination of the statuses of individual transactions. A snapshot will not reach complete until all of the component transactions are complete. Noyo's transaction endpoints allow partners to track transaction statuses if they choose.

Get Single Member Transaction

Returns the latest version of a single member transaction based on the ID provided.
Get Single Member Transaction

Get Member Transaction Status Details

Status Details are the processing history of a member transaction. This endpoint will return a list of all status details for a given transaction, as well as the event_created timestamp signifying when the transaction entered each status.

The possible values for the status_detail field are detailed below.

Status DetailDescription
noyo_acceptedNoyo confirms we have successfully received your transaction request and will begin processing.
carrier_acceptedNoyo confirms the carrier has successfully received the transaction we’ve sent on your behalf.
carrier_processingThe transaction is currently being processed at the carrier.
carrier_completedThe carrier has confirmed the transaction was successfully fulfilled. Noyo will now have the changes from the carrier reflected in the dashboard and via API.
noyo_verifiedNoyo has completed round-trip confirmation for the member transaction. This occurs on the date that all changes from the transaction are effective.

Returns a list of all status details for a given transaction.
Get Status Details

Get Member Transaction Status Details Response

This endpoint will return only the most recent status for a given transaction, with the event_created timestamp of when the transaction transitioned into this state.

Get Member Transaction Latest Status Detail

Returns the latest status detail for a given transaction.
Get Latest Status Details

Get All Member Transactions

Returns a list of all member transactions
Get All Member Transactions

Verified Member Transactions

Often member transactions are sent in advance and will become effective at a date in the future (e.g, a new_hire member request with a hire_date of today, but the coverage does not start until the first of next month). Noyo works with carriers to verify that transactions have taken effect as expected and will mark the member transaction as verified when applicable. The verified field is the Unix time at which the member transaction was verified. You can expect the following timelines for verification at most carriers:

Transaction TypeTimeline
New HireOn or shortly after the effective_start_date of the created individual enrollments
TerminationOn or shortly after the last_day_of_coverage
Qualifying Life EventOn or shortly after the effective date of coverage changes
Open EnrollmentOn or shortly after the effective date of coverage changes
Demographic ChangeImmediately after completion of the member transaction

Member transactions and snapshots in the completed status require no additional attention or action from you. Think of verified transactions as ones where we were able to do a successful double check that everything went as we expected.

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