Snapshot Statuses

As Noyo processes the requested changes, you can periodically poll for status by sending a call to get a single snapshot. This endpoint returns a copy of one member snapshot, including the current status and the full contents of what was submitted.

You can also get data about all snapshots for a given group with the group snapshots endpoint.

This endpoint returns a paginated list of snapshot records associated with employees in a group. Each result in the list contains metadata about the snapshot request, including the unique ID and the associated employee ID, but not the complete snapshot payload. Results will default to descending order by date created, so the most recently created snapshots will be in the first page of results. This endpoint also supports an optional employee_id query param to filter all snapshots for a specific employee.

When Noyo has finished making all requested changes at the carrier, the status of the member snapshot will change to completed. For changes going to Send carriers, the status will be completed once the file has been sent. If a member snapshot contains changes for both Sync and Send carriers, the Sync transactions will be completed first but the snapshot will only move to completed when the file has been sent.

Member snapshots can have one of five statuses:

submittedThe member snapshot has been submitted to Noyo and we have run initial processing and validation.
processingWe are identifying transactions and queuing them up to send to the right carrier(s) or there are still transactions contained in this snapshot that are being processed by the carrier(s).
completedAll member transactions have been completed by the Sync carrier or the file has been sent to the Send carrier.
canceledThe request was canceled and no changes have been sent to the carrier.
replacedIf the member snapshot was overridden by a subsequent snapshot while in the processing status, we will update the status to replaced and no longer attempt to fulfill this snapshot.

The replaced status applies to snapshots which were in progress, but were not completed before a new snapshot was received for the same employee. Noyo will only try to process and confirm the latest snapshot received, on the assumption that the latest snapshot contains the most up-to-date information.

When the snapshot status is completed, Noyo schedules the second of our round-trip confirmation checks, which queries the carrier’s system on the change’s effective date to ensure that it still happens as expected.

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