Demographic Change


The Member Request workflow is now deprecated in favor of Member Snapshot

Demographic Change

The demographic change member request is used to update information such as name, address, and salary for one or many members. The updates will be carried out for each carrier that has a record of each member.
Create Demographic Change Member Request

Demographic Change Member Request Result

Sample Request Result

    "id": "f471a562-fa8f-41c9-93fd-12b372e16c72",
    "type" "employee",
    "version": "cf78e9b2-6213-448b-a0b9-04a254a84872"

Upon the successful completion of all the transactions in the demographic change member request, the status of the member request will be updated to completed and the result of the member request will be an object containing an array of updated members. The employee and dependent objects in the Noyo API will be updated only when all transactions have completed.