Disconnecting a Group

Tell Noyo to stop exchanging data for a group

Groups may need to be disconnected from Noyo for a few different reasons:

  • The group is no longer your customer and has moved to a different ben-admin solution
  • The group has not renewed coverage with the carrier
  • The group is no longer eligible for coverage with the carrier


Disconnecting groups properly prevents incorrect billing and manual cleanup work to fix erroneous enrollments.

Group disconnection requests

Similar to Group Connection Requests, you must tell Noyo when a group needs to be disconnected from our system. On the date specified in the request, we will stop pulling the group's data from the carrier and will stop accepting new enrollment changes.

There are some instances where communications or automated responses from the carrier indicate that a group should be disconnected. When this happens, we will create a disconnection request that someone on your team must confirm or reject.

Sending a group disconnection request

First, create the request and populate it with the relevant carrier_id, effective_end_date, and group_id. The effective_end_date is the last day that coverage should be managed through Noyo. When we receive the request we will process it and it will move through the statuses listed below.

If the request is rejected, it may be because of an invalid ID or end date. Edit the request to submit new or corrected data.

Disconnection request statuses

Group disconnections will move through several different statuses as they pass through Noyo’s system and are processed with carriers.

needs_reviewThe group disconnection is awaiting your confirmation or rejection.
processingNoyo is working on disconnecting the group from the carrier.
completedThe group has been disconnected from the carrier.
rejectedThe group disconnection request has been rejected. The group will remain connected to the carrier.

Managing disconnection requests

Poll the Noyo API to discover whether there are requests that need your attention. We recommend doing this weekly. You can also set up recurring checks for each group using our endpoint that polls for disconnection requests for a specific group.

You can use our endpoints to build an internal tool for your team to review, confirm, or reject disconnection requests. Support for these actions is also coming soon to the Command Center.

What’s Next

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