Snapshot Responses

Noyo validates snapshot requests based on format, as well as a set of basic business rules. If the snapshot fails any validations, Noyo will return a response with a 4xx status code and body with a description of any errors. You will get in-depth documentation on error details during implementation.

If the snapshot is valid and created successfully, you will receive a response with a 201 status code and a unique ID for the snapshot record. If any new members were created in the Noyo system, the snapshot contents in the response body will include any Noyo-generated ID values to save and associate with your copy of the member going forward. The response will also include any newly-associated custom IDs that have been linked to members.

200OK. Successful API call.
201Created. Successful resource creation.
204No content. Used most commonly for deletions.
400Bad or invalid request. For example, the request body JSON is malformed.Verify the request body using a JSON validation tool.
401Unauthorized. Missing or invalid API token.See the Authentication guide.
404Not found. The resource you are looking for does not exist or your API token is not authorized to access it.Double-check that the API path and resource UUID are correct.
409Conflict. A duplicate to an existing resource has been submitted.Check the ID or other identifying characteristics that have been submitted. Duplicates are not allowed in this situation.
500Server error.Contact [email protected].
502Bad gateway. There is an issue with the Noyo system.Contact [email protected].
503Service unavailable. One or more Noyo APIs are down. For an expected downtime, we will return a Retry-After HTTP response header in accordance with the MDN docs.Parse the Retry-After header and schedule an asynchronous task to retry after that time.

See the API reference for full details.

An additional set of detailed example snapshot responses is also available as part of our integration support.

What’s Next

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