The Command Center

Your destination for managing Noyo-powered enrollments

The Command Center is a powerful, intuitive interface for managing all of your organization's Noyo-powered enrollments.

Developers use the Command Center to generate and manage API keys, get information about sandbox environments, and validate the results of test calls during implementation. In addition, carrier-specific documentation is only available via the Command Center.

Operations Specialists and Product Managers use the Command Center for ticket triage and answering customer inquiries. They can look up coverage and demographic data, track enrollment changes, connect and disconnect groups manually, and save specific items for easy reference.

Accessing the Command Center

Log in to the Command Center at using the credentials you were given during implementation. If you used our legacy Noyo Dashboard, you can use the same credentials for the Command Center.

An employee detail page, featuring a complete change history.

An employee detail page, featuring a complete change history.

What's next for the Command Center?

We are constantly adding new tools and features to the Command Center. Stay up to date by subscribing to our Product Updates emails. Additions coming soon include tools for managing data discrepancies, a smoother way to activate new carrier connections, an insights dashboard, and more.

Requesting features

If there's something you'd like us to add to the Command Center, just log in and press f on any page to submit comments directly to our team.

What’s Next

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