Test in sandbox or send live data

Noyo provides a sandbox environment to aid the development process. The API of the sandbox is identical to that of the live services. However, it does not carry out your actions against insurance carrier systems. This will allow you to develop and test your Noyo integration before going live. You can use your sandbox API credentials to generate an access token from https://accounts.noyo.com/auth/public/token.


For each endpoint, full URLs are also available in the API Reference. In general, all APIs have the following prefixes:

Sandbox Details

Group connection requests

For details of how to activate a group on the Noyo platform, see Group Connection Requests. Each carrier identifies groups slightly differently, and so each connection request will include carrier-specific details.

For each carrier, we maintain a set of custom group IDs in our sandbox that can be used to test group connections. During implementation you will receive specific details of these IDs for carriers you'd like to activate.

Member Snapshots

A member snapshot created on the sandbox API will initially return in the processing status. Within a random period of time after submission, up to 15 seconds, it will return in the completed status. You can use this delay to test handling of requests which complete asynchronously.

Renewal Decisions

You can also test renewal decisions on the sandbox environment. Read more about creating, managing, and testing renewal decisions in the Managing Renewals guide.

What’s Next

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