Getting Started

If you're new to Noyo

Start with About Noyo to learn what we do and how our API can help you easily manage benefits enrollment data with multiple carriers.

Then check out the Using Noyo Data section to understand the specific data we make available and how you might use it in your own application.

If you're ready to start building

The first step is authentication to the API. From there you'll test calls to our sandbox environment and get familiar with how our API is structured.

Then learn about the benefits of connecting a group and how to get your first group onto Noyo.

If you'll be using Noyo to exchange enrollment and eligibility data with carriers, you'll need to learn how to send member snapshots too.

Marketing considerations

The Noyo brand is synonymous with trusted data and a high-quality connection experience; build trust with your partners by showing that your benefits data is protected by Noyo. If you are licensing our technology, we require attribution when promoting Noyo-connected carriers.

If your usage of carrier names and logos is limited to solely a visual representation of your UI or product offering, you do not need to include reference to Noyo. However, you are then responsible for obtaining the requisite permissions to use said logos and/or brand names from their respective owners.

If you are explicitly marketing the ability to connect, integrate, partner (or equivalent) with any carrier for which you rely on Noyo's technology, you must include Noyo-authorized language in your marketing. There are two options for this:

  • In-context abbreviated language: In the section where said marketing is communicated, you must include the Noyo logo next to the copy "Carrier connections powered by Noyo" (or equivalent). Our logo can appear in grayscale (no smaller than 24x24 pts) and language is flexible pending our express approval (though the font cannot be smaller than 13 pt). The logo and copy must appear together and be placed before the next major heading and/or section color change.

  • Full footer language: Alternatively, Noyo integrations can be mentioned in your website footer. If you already provide regulated disclaimers for insurance licensure or TPA authorization, the Noyo disclaimer may appear in the same paragraph. The font cannot be smaller than 13 pt. This language must be included on every page the connection/integration is marketed and should be written as follows:

“PRODUCT NAME’s integrations with insurance carriers are powered and protected by the Noyo benefits data platform.”

What’s Next

Get authenticated to start calling the Noyo API.