The Member Request workflow is now deprecated in favor of Member Snapshot


The termination member request is used to remove an employee and their dependents from coverage at all carriers. The last_work_date will be communicated to the carrier and the last_day_of_coverage will be determined by the carrier and included in the result.
Create Termination Member Request

Signature Date

Within the termination request body you can optionally specify a signature_date. The signature_date is the date when the employee or employer signed for the change to be made. If a signature_date is not provided we will communicate the date the member request was received by the Noyo system to the carrier as the signature_date.

Termination Transactions

A termination transaction is created for each carrier that the employee and dependents have coverage with a type of carrier_termination. A transaction is also created with the type noyo_termination. The noyo_termination transaction will complete on the last_work_date and will update the Employee object to be marked as terminated along with information about the last day of employment.

Carrier Termination Result

The result of the carrier_termination member transaction will include the last day that the members are covered at the carrier. The individual enrollments for the carrier will also be updated with a new status of terminated.

Sample Transaction Result

    "last_day_of_coverage": "2018-02-01"